This list is narrowly focused on resources congruent with our own mission and purpose. Included are links to other websites and a bibilography focused on the creation and sustaining of shamanic circles.

This page is in development. If you would like to submit additions, please contact: Carol Proudfoot-Edgar at carolproudfoot@shamanicvisions.com.


Reflections on the Practice of Shamanism by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

Carol's Reflections can now be found here.


Medicine for the Earth:
How to Transform Personal and
Environmental Toxins

(Three Rivers Press 2001) a new book
by Sandra Ingerman

Women Circling the Earth
(A Guide to Fostering Community, Healing and Empowerment)
by Beverly Engel, May 2000, Health Communications, Inc.
This book is a good primer on Circle formation and development. Carol Proudfoot-Edgar and Sandra Ingerman are among the six women whose work with Circles is described in this book. In the Resource Section, Tending Sacred Circles is listed as one of the organizations supporting formation of Circles around the world.

  Links to Individuals and Organizations offering Shamanic Education
  Shaman Portal: The Global Resource for all things Shamanic: www.shamanportal.org
  Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Networking: www.spiderlinks.net
  The Society for Shamanic Practitioners:
an international organization of people whose goal is to support the re-emergence of shamanic wisdom into modern, western culture. A bi-annual journal and monthly e-newsletter are included with membership to help educate practitioners about contemporary and traditional shamanic philosophies and practices, and to inform members of relevant current events. www.shamansociety.org