About Shamanic Circles
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Shamanic circles is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering global shamanic community. Our intention is to assist people in returning to Circle - local circles, global circles, and the Circle that is the Web of Being.

Shamanism has always thrived when the well-being of the whole community is its focus. In this era, that means tending the global village. By learning old and new ways of working together, we can restore a healthy relationship among ourselves and all our relations with whom we share planet Earth.
Our Mission
Helping Individuals use shamanism to bring healing, connection, and creative expression to their daily lives.
Encouraging the development of self-sustaining Shamanic Circles that honor the cycles of life, our ancestors, the spirits of our homelands, and our deep need for connection.
Reaching out to build Community Bridges with health care and educational organizations where shamanic practices may bring assistance and integration.
Creating a Living Network among shamanic circles and practitioners -- a web that fosters the sharing of information and the joining of efforts to promote shamanic learning and harmonious relationship around the globe.