Reflections on the Practice of Shamanism
by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
Date Title Audio
read by Susan Gilliland
November 2014 Call to Service: From Out of My Silence   
May 2012 Shadows from Soul  
May 2011 Notes in the Time of Dying  
March 2011 Notes from Threshold Places  
February 2011 Winter Departures - A Circle Responds  
October 2010 With Beginner's Mind Teaching a Workshop for the 100th time!  
September 2010 Falling Leaves Notes from the Road   
August 2010 Re-Membering Our Selves play
July 2010 Ways of Wisdom in Shamanic Community play
June 2010 Shamanism: the Spills in our own Backyards play
May 2010 The Third Ear of the Shaman - Sound Shamanic Practice play
April 2010 Shamanic Mapping: Gifts from the Desert play
February 2010 Shamanism Without Borders play
January 2010 WinterShamanism: The Miracle & Gift of Memory play
December 2009 Farewell Autumn and Welcome to Winter play
November 2009 Walking Between the Worlds Together
(A Shamanic Journey of Keeping the Soul)
October 2009 White Buffalo Woman play
September 2009 Buffalo Comes Calling:
August 2009 Corn Mother
Her Blessings & Her Teachings
July 2009 Walk on the Wild Side: Our Animal Relations play
June 2009 Shamanism With and Without Borders - the Way of the Animals play
May 2009 New Relationship with Spirit play
April 2009 June and July Workshops with Carol Proudfoot-Edgar  
February 2009 Current Reflections and Workshops Announcements  
June 2008 June Greetings and Workshops  
March 2008 March Greetings and Workshops  
January 2008 Workshops and Retreats for 2008