Village Offerings

at Oracle 2002

At the first Oracle gathering, participants shared shamanic crafting, singing and drumming, story-telling, plant spirit medicine, shamanic healing, and explored topics ranging from ‘Mending Earth’s Net’ to ‘Shamanism and Passover’. Participants are once again strongly encouraged to share their knowledge, experience and gifts with others in the village.

Participant-led activities will be offered at Oracle 2002 on Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening, Friday morning, and Friday afternoon. Although some activities may be spontaneous, many offerings require preparation and planning. The Program Committee will schedule the various offerings, assign meeting spaces and help participants plan for logistics, supplies, etc.

Below is a list of activities that various people would like to offer at Oracle 2002. The “sponsor” has listed their e-mail address or phone number if they are seeking help in the planning and offering of their particular activity. We encourage you to contact those to which you feel drawn to help and to consider adding your own offerings to this list.

To add your own offering, contact Pirkko Miller at Please include a brief description of the offering, a relevant online photo if you have one, a contact person, and whether or not you want others contacting you to help. We will get back to you to answer questions, suggest possible linkages, and discuss offering times before posting on the web.

The Listings

Dreaming into the Future

We'll do a shamanic journey to delve into the dreamtime and then do active dreamwork on our journey. This type of dreamwork reveals hidden meanings, both personal and global. It offers practical guidance for future personal action to heal and balance the Earth and ourselves. And it's a load of fun!

For more information, contact Lyn at:

Forgiveness: A Personal Act of Power for Global Transformation

We will explore together, using shamanic journey, the unique assistance the spirits of the elements and animals have to offer individuals in the practice and process of forgiveness. Learning ways to reclaim and rebalance personal power lost to the sorrow of injustice and assist others with this challenge, we will also see how to use it to start new lines of healing and peace in ourselves and our communities.

For more information, contact Nancy at:

Sounding Our Ancient Vibration

Utilizing the vibrations of the Gong we will discover the sound of our Ancient Vibration. We will share this vibration with others, individually and collectively, to facilitate our own and each other’s healing. Thus will we gain an understanding of how each of us can contribute to the harmony of the Whole.

Roy Holloway

Tuvan Fire Ceremony

Gisela will offer a Tuvan Fire Ceremony on Thursday afternoon. After sharing about the traditions of the Tuvan shamans, making offerings of food and drink, and calling in the Spirits, a small fire will be lit.

In a Tuvan fire ceremony, when the fire is burning vigorously the leading shaman gets up and starts dancing around the fire singing the appropriate powersong. After one round the other shamans slowly get up singing, dancing and drumming around the fire. They keep on singing , dancing and drumming around the fire and towards the people, trees, rocks and bushes of the large outer circle until the fire burns down.

When the fire has burned down and only glowing embers are left, the shamans gradually kneel down and touch the earth with their foreheads. There they quietly pray for good health, happiness and long life for all their friends, relatives and other relations. When all are bowed down the leader prays for a healing of our Mother Earth. When he/she is finished they all get up and have tea in the yurt.

The ceremony takes about an hour.

For more information, contact Gisella at:

Mending the Hoop through A New Relationship Ceremony

The Sacramento Shamanic Circle invites you to participate in a ceremony of new relationship and commitment to the Sacred Hoop. Participants will journey to identify, connect with, and begin a personal relationship with a nature Spirit with whom you have not previously worked. You will learn the symbol and song or sound of this particular Spirit who chooses to work with you. You will offer your intention to be one who carries this Spirit. Your commitment to this new Spirit relationship will strengthen and help to mend the Sacred Hoop.

Following the journey, materials will be provided for participants to recreate the symbol of their Spirit on a small object, and to make a pouch in which to carry it.

We will close our ceremony with a dance that represents the mending and tending of our Sacred Hoop. The dance will be accompanied by your Spirits’ songs or sounds. The only thing you need to bring is your rattle.
If you have any questions please contact Paula at:

Making a Fringed Mask or Eye Shield

In some cultures where shamanism is practiced, a part of the shaman's working costume is an eye shield or "curtain" mask. This type of mask typically consists of a cap or band with strands hanging down over the face partially covering the eyes. The effect is a fringed veil or curtain which allows the shaman to see and move about in the Spirit realms and in ordinary reality at the same time.

The Sacramento Shamanic Circle offers to assist people in making and decorating a fringed leather mask for use in their shamanic work. Materials will be supplied for the masks and to decorate them.

NOTE: Because the supply of leather is limited, we may need to limit the number of participants. Therefore, it will be helpful for some of those wishing to make a mask to bring a rectangle of soft leather measuring about 12 inches by 10 inches (or larger).

If you have any questions please contact Paula at:

Remote Healing Offering

This offering is for people who wish to participate in or obtain remote shamanic healing for a loved one not at Oracle. In keeping with our goal of being of service to the earth and others while at Oracle, we will focus this healing time on those not able to gather with us. Each person asking for remote healing for another must have obtained specific permission from that person prior to the healing. This is very important!

We will gather in circle and create a small effigy representing each person wishing remote healing. This will be stick or stone, yarn or an object you have brought from home. We’ll share the name, location and story of each person who has asked for healing and place the effigies in the circle. Then we will begin the healing ceremony and continue until all the work is completed. Each person helping with healing will have the opportunity to work with one or more of the effigies directly or may just wish to make prayers, drum or sing, or do healing for the entire group at once. We ask the spirits to call us to do whatever work is needed and we will work together with compassion for all who have asked.

If you have any questions please contact Susan Gilliland:

Seidr - Ancient Nordic Shamanic Practice

Seidr is an old Northern European shamanic ritual, well recorded in the sagas of Scandinavia. It is a community ritual often done to address an issue of real importance for the community. Participants will also have the opportunity to consult the spirits about their own life issues. Seidr is a singing practice, wherein a choir of singers send the volva on a journey to the spirits. I feel it is important for people of northern European ancestry as it is a genuine shamanic ritual undertaken by our ancestors. More details of seidr can be found in Spirit Talk Issue # 9 (see homepage).

Karen Kelly at

Gourd Rattle-Making

Join me in creating a connection back to Mother Earth, by creating a mini gourd rattle. I will share with you the story of Ekim and Naro and the importance of the rattles and drums and the beating of our mothers heart. We will be using mini gourds, leather, cord, yarn, beads, feathers, bells, shells, animal tatoos, crystals and anything that you wish to bring that symbolizes your animal totems. I will also have silver and gold metal wire if you wish to wrap a special crystal. Supplies are between $7.00 and $10.00.

Although this workshop is primarily intended for children, adults are welcome to participate. If you have any questions please feel free to email me and ask.

Che an na’te… May you always radiate pure love…
Sposashe/Clardon E-mail to:

Soapstone Carving

Carve a totem of your power animal out of soapstone. Charlie Abildgaard will demonstrate and teach carving techniques. Each participant will be able to complete a carving from a small block of soapstone. Materials and tools will be provided, however, please bring a small pocket knife if you have it.

Contact Charlie at

The Shamanic Journey

For many of us, the word "shaman" calls to mind a spiritual healer steeped in secret knowledge and mysterious powers. But, in this offering, participants will learn to directly experience the shamanic journey, a method for entering into a universe usually glimpsed only in myths and dreams. Using the shamanic journey we will explore altered states of awareness that can unlock answers to difficult personal questions and mobilize energy for reaching goals. Through the journey method, we may also meet spirit helpers upon whom we can call during healing activities/ceremonies at Oracle.
Sandra Ingerman


Steve Rosen has offered to lead a drum-making workshop at Oracle. Guided by the Spirits and Steve, participants will have the opportunity to birth a new drum into the world. The workshop will consist of two sessions (Thursday afternoon and Friday morning). During the first session participants will journey to the Spirits for guidance and prepare the drum frame and skin. The second session will consist of lacing the drum together.

The drum will be made of a 16-17 inch 16-sided (virtually round) cedar frame with a translucent cow rawhide skin. The lacing technique used helps maintain the drum's tone in damp weather (as well as other climates).

Although there will not be time to paint and decorate the drums at Oracle, they can be part of the all night ceremony (gathering power, songs and Spirit) and possibly may be dry in time to use in the closing ceremonies.

All materials (frame, skin, lacing, etc.) will be supplied. The total cost for supplies is $100 - payable in advance. The workshop will be limited to 15 people. A minimum of 8 people must be registered by March 22nd . If you are interested in making a drum, please contact me at:

Winds from the East

Providing both a fan to cool ourselves with in the desert heat and using calligraphy with Japanese symbols, Hideki Hamada (from Japan) will bring fans and do this calligraphy. Names themselves have spiritual significance -

Japense calligraphy itself is a beautiful way to see the spiritual flow of one's name: just like looking into water, the currents mirror back to us the flowing nature of our own essence, our own faces.

Hideki will provide fans for 30 people and draw these symbols. He is limited to doing thirty because this is only one offering among many other offerings in the village and thirty is about the maximum number that can be made within a session time. This offering combines a simple way of 'cooling' one's self in the desert with spiritual images of one's name.

The place where these "Winds from the East" fans will be created will be announced at Oracle. If you are especially interested to have one made, you can email Hideki; send him your full name as well as email address.

Contact: Hideki Hamada

Using Shamanism to Cope with Grief

Daniel Potapshyn and Roland Hulstein will again offer a circle for those who have an interest in learning ways to use shamanic journeying to access information from Spirit for working with grief and loss. (This offering was very well received at the previous Oracle gathering). The circle will be for those dealing with a personal loss, as well as, those whose professional life may be working with others' experiencing loss.

Daniel and Roland use shamanic practices in their bereavement work and have also been sharing these practices with other hospice professionals. An article about their work is included in Issue 14 of Spirit Talk (see homepage).

You can contact Roland at: and Daniel at:

Plant Spirit Medicine

Experience the medicine of plant spirits. Using the structure of the energy meridians of Five Element Chinese Medicine, native plant spirits are called upon by the practitioners to rid you of toxic energy, open blocked energy pathways, and restore natural flow and balance to these meridians. These native plant spirits align you with the intelligence and healing powers of nature to facilitate wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. Practitioners are members of the Plant Spirit Medicine Circle and generously offered their services at the first Oracle Gathering as well.
Nancy Abildgaard, (on behalf of the Plant Spirit Medicine Circle)

Creating Earth SandPainting & Ceremony

At Oracle 2000, we created a three dimensional map of the world over the length of a volleyball court and used this as a central point for our prayers and ceremony on behalf of the World. At Oracle 2002, we are planning to again build some type of a ‘World map’ to use as a centrepoint for our prayers. During the Saturday night ceremony we will focus on mending the hoop, nourishing the tree, and strengthening the web, so each of these will be represented in our ‘crafting of the world’. We are still in the early phases of envisioning what Spirit wants us to create. If you would like to help, please contact: Jo at:

Trance Dance Shamanic Art

The Tucson Bear Circle will offer sessions in which murals depicting the four directions are created. We will start with a period of dance, wearing fringed masks (instead of the traditional blackout eye cover), moving to music and responding to Spirit. Once entranced, we will move into a paint and dance ritual. Our movement will inspire our painting; our painting will inspire our movement. There is a back and forth to this Dance much like the awareness of Horse, who can run unbridled like the Wind, but also shift awareness to an immediate danger or the task at hand.

The murals we create will be used to honor the directions in the village ceremonies.
Laurie Levon


At the last Oracle gathering, Barbara Stamm Dose’ and 10 participants made beautiful masks of their power animals/teachers. Barbara will again lead this offering. Participants will start by making a gauze plaster mask that fits their face. After this dries, they will add their animal/teacher’s features using plaster putty. Once dry, the masks can then be painted and decorated. Participants will have the opportunity to dance their power animal/teachers at the all night ceremony.

Creating a mask of your power animal/teacher can be a deep transformational experience. We will not have time to journey before making the mask imprints. Barbara encourages you to journey to your Spirit helpers prior to attending – asking for guidance including possibly arriving with a costume if you would like to dance in spirit form with costume.

If you are interested in making a mask, please bring objects/materials that you associate with your power animal/teacher to use in decorating (feathers, stones, etc.). Other materials will be provided. If you are interested in helping plan this offering and/or willing to help bring plaster mask-making materials,
contact Barbara at:

Native American Flute Circle

If you play the Native American flute, join me in forming a flute circle. Beginners are especially welcome! We will play with each other, for each other, and will help each other improve our skills so that the Spirits can sing more beautifully through us. As we are moved by Spirit, we will play our flutes for the whole village.
Contact Bob Edgar, at

or Larry Walker/Eaglecrow at

A Call to Men

The Buffalo Brothers, a California Shamanic Men’s Group will be attending Oracle and would love to link with other men during Oracle 2002. At the first Oracle gathering, the men of the village drummed awake their youngest member, a 13 year old, in a ‘surprise’ Sunrise ceremony. We see Oracle 2002 as an opportunity to come together as men - to learn from each other and to be of service to the village and the Planet. If you have ideas about how the men at Oracle might connect or what we might offer the village,
please contact Lanz Lowen at:

Who are We? Our Shamanic Profile

All who attend Oracle 2002 are invited to answer, anonymously, the short questionnaire about their own shamanic beliefs and work which is appended here.(click on the link to download this questionnaire and print it out through Adobe Acrobat.)
Shamanism, as a practice for people other than those born into a specific indigenous cultural tradition, is relatively new. We are curious about what is evolving among us, as part of a modern global generation. How are we adapting from traditional roots around the world? What is most spiritually meaningful and productive for us?

Please fill out this questionnaire before you come to Oracle, and deposit it in the box that will be available at the registration table. We will also have copies of the questionnaire available on Sunday, at the ending of the Conference, in case you would rather do it then and there. Resulting information will be available to all through the Shamanic Visions website after April 20. Thank you!

Mary Myers, Peter Bloom, Nancy Dolan Anderson, Clardon Minton
Send your response to Mary