Oracle 2002

Second International Shamanic Gathering at Oracle, Arizona, April 3 to 7, 2002

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The Hoop
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The Tree of Life
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The Web
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Oracle FAQ
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Village Ceremonies
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Village Offerings
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Earth Renewal Dance
Sunset to Sunrise Friday Night
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Songs for Oracle
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The Children's Circle
posted January 6, 2002

Below are links to pages containing ideas, activities, and the current status of plans for our Oracle Village. Some pages are more complete than others. These pages will continue to be transformed as further plans are developed and as participants send in materials to be posted. Please consider contributing to these pages and visit the site to see the changes.

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Healing the Whole—Reflections on the Themes for Oracle 2002

Given the turmoil occurring around the globe, our intention when we come to Oracle in April 2002, is to serve as conduits for healing on behalf of the Whole.

The images of Hoop, Tree and Web have been used for ages by many different peoples around the world. Each of these concepts carries its own deep and sacred meaning translated by respective spiritual and cultural traditions.

On these pages we invite participants to share their stories, journeys, associations and connections to these concepts. In this way, we can enrich our individual and collective awareness and infuse our ceremonial themes with power and significance. The more we can add to these pages before Oracle, the greater will be the intention we bring to Oracle - it is a way for individuals and Circles to make preparation and allow “intention” to begin developing in our hearts, our journeys, our mindful preparations. It is also a way to Send Word and Prayers to the Spirits who will be guiding us in our preparations and when we are gathered as a Village. Likewise some of these themes may influence the offerings that individuals may wish to bring to the Village.

Please send all materials, including photos, to Lanz Lowen at or to Carol Proudfoot-Edgar at

Three themes have occurred repeatedly in our journeys:

The Hoop of Relations needs mending

The Tree of Life needs nourishing

The Web that Holds The Whole needs strengthening

Invitation to Oracle letter
This announces our intentions, site description, costs, and visions for this gathering...

The Registration Form for Oracle
Complete registration form for mailing to Lori Levine

PDF Files of invitation and registration
Invitation to Oracle as a pdf file for downloading and printing
The registration form for Oracle as a pdf file for downloading and printing

Village Offerings

This page describes various offerings individuals and or Circles are doing for the Village e.g. mask-making, world map creating, trance dancing). If you wish to make an offering, information about who to contact and what to post is on this page.

Village Ceremonies

This section describes the intentions, themes, and development of our whole Village Ceremonies on Wednesday night, Thursday morning, Sunset to Sunrise Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning

Earth Renewal Dance
Sunset to Sunrise Friday Night

On Friday night we will be dancing and doing various activities from Sunset to Sunrise in the ancient tradition of Renewing the World together. Here you will find material on world renewal ceremonies.

Oracle: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From previous experience and with changes in the site, these are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Oracle and should assist you in your planning