From Maggi,

I call to the Stars to fill me with light
I sing each of you in my heart
I wish you peace
I wish you joy
I wish you plenty in times of need
I wish you starlight
I wish you laughter
I wish you love in your heart always
I wish you love in your heart always

From Amir,

i want to share the effect that the WalkingStar song has on me
i live in sausalito in a trailer in the woods
since returning home i have had time to walk in my part of the world
i walk i sing the song and i cry
i sing and i cry
i love it
i feel the song very personally
it resonates deeply with a truth of my purpose
it empowers and humbles me at the same time
i know what it feels like to have my light shine
it has shined before, usually in glimpses here and there
but it has never been exposed for a duration of days!
what a teaching that was
how to handle it
how to manage it
how to share it
it was so healing for me
so integrating to feel that i am capable of containing it because i am ready
for it
and i was able to share my light, my love and my prayer
i thank you for facilitating the creation of such a space

i would like to share the part of a prayer that i was able to
recollect from the deep place i was in during healing of the world ceremony:

praying to and for the earth,
you are so beautiful
you are so sensual
you are so wise
you are so huge

i am becoming
i am becoming
i am becoming me

i am learning to see
i am learning to listen
i am learning to be

i devote my entire being
i devote my entire life
to serving you

i thank you for every step of the way
for all the pain
for all the confusion
for all the chaos
for all the joy
for all the love
for all the beauty

i thank you for teaching me how to hear
i thank you for teaching me how to see
so that i may serve you
so that i may be true

i love you

you are so beautiful
you are so sensual
you are so wise
you are so huge

by Yael,
(posted outdoors the Dining Lodge at Oracle)

I have come a long way.
When I came here I thought "journey"
Was something you did on a bus.

My web was rent—torn into useless shreds.
My pain was winning, spiraling me away
from being.

And my guides firmly, kindly brought me to you,
Where I discovered a place so loving, so safe.

I found my clan, Solar Angels, who go with me now
as I carry on.
I wove a new web with Spider Woman
and loving listeners of Spirit.
Discovered soul sister, Katie. Made a shield and a rattle.
I learnt how to shower with one hand,
and a gentle approach to toilet paper.

I spent magic moments in a bower
with healing, wise, caring women.

I stood in awe of tenders who combined
Vision with hard work—sprinkled with
healthy doses of humor.

For a few days, pain could be uncovered, and dried
into a scab.

Keys were not necessary—as all was open.

Thank you all. Thank Spirit.

From Mojave Desert Circle to the Oracle Desert Circle: MedicineBundle Travels
-Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

(The following was sent to all people who had circled in the Mojave Desert the past five to six years. That Desert Circle created a MedicineBundle, renewed each Spring, and used for healing purposes both in the Desert and throughout the year. In preparing for Oracle, it was clear this DesertBundle was to travel to this other Desert and bring its healing powers to the ceremony of EarthTending. I share this with you to reflect how Circles can, through what they create, send and/or bring their healings and blessings to other Circles gathered in some distant place.

(Written right before Oracle)

Dear Friends,
Lovingly has our DesertMedicineBundle been tended...
As Keepers of the Bundle since last year
Bob and I have cherished what our DesertCircles thus created
In the seasons of awakening that we have all shared.
When Spirit has called, when one of you has written
When Bundle itself has quivered and whispered cross the room
With mindful hands have we held this Medicine,
Feathered with the prayers of Eagle
Called upon the healing powers and the love of all of you
To work on behalf of each request received
In Autumn colors, Summer's warmth, Winter dark, Spring awakening.
Bundle always sits on a special cloth covered in our leather red
Below a large window where Birds can see and sing
As Sun, Moon, and Stars shower magic all their own
And Bundle soaks them up, returning blessings of it own.
As I prepared for Oracle and people coming from distant places
To gather in a different desert than the one in which we Circled
Often did my ears and heart feel the calling from our Bundle
"Take me, take me to this Village and let me dwell therein
I carry the healing blessings of many hands and many Circles
And to this Village I wish to Oracle myself"
I do not know what this means nor what oracles our Bundle will share
I only know Bundle wishes to be carried and placed within the Circle there.
We will know once within the land and within the Village
Just where Bundles wishes to be placed and dwell
And we will put DesertBundle exactly where it wishes to be placed.
As my prayers are being made for Oracle and I prepare myself
I find I wander to the world map we are creating and wonder to myself
Does this Bundle wish to bless the world?
Or does this Bundle wish to be amongst the Cholla folks
Or dwelling on the highest mesa to spread its blessings wide.
I stop these musings of my heart and mind
Simply pack up Bundle in the traveling cloth Pirkko made
Now Bundle rests in our car -- and with first light begins
the trip to Oracle.
Among the many things to happen there,
you can know
our Circles in the Desert and every one of us
Will be remembered and will touch the Village gathered there in Oracle.
And those of us who have been in these DesertCircles
and are among the villagers at Oracle
May wish to stop and speak, touch or have a word
with our Desert Bundle or use the objects therein placed
As we do healing work for others, land, and World itself.

Love, blessings, and prayers,

Spring At Oracle

from PirkkoBear
At Oracle, AZ
Global Shamanic Gathering
April, 2000

In the month of April,
the year the winter rains did not come
I saw her lying on a bed of dried twigs and cold desert stones.
With parched lips and labored breath she lay
and waited to birth one more spring
to bring forth her many wonderous children.

She remembered the warmth of her winter cave
and darkness
where she spun dreams
of her creatures that could swim, crawl, walk and fly.
She remembered how she nuzzled the small warm bodies of her newborn cubs
licked them with her red tonque
and fed them with her rich milk.

Now the river bed is dry
and her body weak and tired.
She calls to her children to heal her.
>From four corners of the Earth they come
Hearing her call
they come.
They arrive, carrying their drums
They all come
bringing their medicines
their seeds of regeneration.

She listens
She hears the songs and prayers of her children
The drums become her heartbeat
In the dry desert wind she blows the seeds and whispers:
If all could see these, my beloved children through my eyes
there would be no wars, no hatred in the world

At sunrise it happens
In crimson flow on a distant mountain top
new spring is born
A small seed has burst open:
Another miracle of life has happened.