updated February 4, 2000

Share A Need

People who have registered for Oracle and have a particular need may find this page helpful. For example: Someone flying may wish to request a cooler to keep special dietary supplies fresh. Someone may need to borrow a sleeping bag or a pillow or other bedding materials.

The intention of this shamanic gathering in Oracle is to create a global village. Being part of a village means tending to those who request help of one kind or another. In indigenous cultures throughout the world, the joys as well as the hardships were shared by the entire village.

To honor this timeless custom of ‘tending the village,’ we invite those of you willing and able, to offer your help to our fellow global villagers – thus do we start now to create and tend our Oracle Village – even before we gather in April 2000.

We are asking people receiving these gifts of sharing, to thank the Universe and send blessings for the generosity of their fellow humans.
Below is the way to state your needs as well as the offering.

To send in your request for a need to be met:

We will be monitoring this page and will make every effort to match up the offerings with the requests.

Thank you, PirkkoBear@aol.com

One 2' x 5' folding aluminum table available for crafts or other activities. Please respond by March 10 (for early transportation to site area ) to April Snellgrove At TSCPandora@aol.com

Use of a one-burner gas camping stove available, includes gas canister and small self-contained cooking pot. Good for heating water, soup, or cooking. Please respond by March 10 to April Snellgrove at TSCPandora@aol.com

Hi, Pirkko--Lake-Woman-of-the-North,
I received a taker on my offer of a campstove from the Share a Need page. My idea would be to post something showing that a connection has been made. I am forwarding you the request and my response.
Love, April

1 camp stove, runs on propane: 1 camp stove, runs on kerosene.1 stand for for the propane stove. 3 folding camp chairs.1 battery powered lantern.1 card table( for crafting) 3 coolers. if in need of this items, contact Brenda : TURTTLE2@email.msn.com

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