Update Regarding Registration for Oracle

The land rumbles
earth vibrates
drum beats
a mighty heartchant
call us and the spirits

threads begin
to spin
the oracleweb

The response to Oracle has been generous and heartwarming. In addition to the numerous people planning to attend, we have received support and encouragement form many others around the world. We are planning ways to connect with those unable to attend in person during our time at Oracle.

We will keep all our Oracle webpages posted until after Oracle Village gathers and disperses. Please be aware, however, that the "Village" is now full. We have a short waiting list, however, and if you wish to participate, please contact Lori Levine and/or fill out the registration form/send deposit that is posted at this site. With so many people, it is not ununusual to have some cancellations so places may come available.

We have limited the gathering to a maximum of 130 in order to ensure that we do not overwhelm the site or the desert environs. Currently, we have a short waitlist.

Some of us recently visited the gathering site and did a ritual for the safe arrival of all those traveling to create this village. As the time approaches, we encourage all of us to continue holding this village in our hearts and prayers.

We both begin and end this page with a poem from one of the villagers. She sent this to the TSC Council, and we wish to share her poem with everyone.

The land rumbles
earth vibrates
drum beats
a mighty heartchant
call us and the spirits

threads begin
to spin
the oracleweb

we look up from our distant places
cast our cares down
sense the gathering of the spirits
connect to clans
that wait to know and love us

may hearts open -

sharon blessum

If you have any questions regarding this registration form and/or how to register for Oracle, please write to Lori at the address given or send her an email at LEagleBear@AOL.com

Registration Form

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________________________

City: _____________ State: ______ Zip: ______________ Country: ________________

Phone: __________________________ Email: _________________________________

I am enclosing:

___ $100 deposit (remaining $135 to be paid prior to Feb 1st)

___ $235 food and lodging (if paid prior to Feb 1st)

___ $275 food and lodging (if paying after Feb 1st)

___ Contribution toward international travel*

*Tending Sacred Circles would like to help defray the cost, when needed, of international travel for those coming from other countries. If you are able, would you please make a contribution and include this with your registration fee.

_________ TOTAL

Please make checks payable to: Tending Sacred Circles and send to:
Lori Levine, Oracle 2000
2 North Sierra Vista Drive, Tucson, AZ 857219-3838

Please indicate your interest:

___ I would like to help in the planning of activities mentioned in this brochure

Which activity?___________________________

___ I would like to organize/offer the following event _______________________________

___ I intend on checking the website to see how I might be of help

___ I would like to talk with someone about the possibility of helping

My best guess is:

___ I will be driving

___ I will need a shuttle from the airport

___ I intend to camp

___ I will be bringing food that requires refrigeration

___ I am coming with others from my circle. How many? ____