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Writings and Images from the Oracle Gathering, Oracle AZ, April 2000
updated July 11, 2000

What We Did


Voices from the Village


How we tended the the Earth at Oracle
Creating a World SandPainting
and Healing Ceremony

Reflections on Passover Ritual
By Lori Levine

To the Passover Circle at Oracle
Letter from Ziva Garbi

From Plant Spirit Group:
Nancy Abildgaard

Kokopelli Clan Skit

From Ziva,
comments on Shamanism and Passover

May 27, 2000
(Remembering Passover Ritual as Israeli troops leave Lebanon) by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

Reflections on Oracle 2000
--Anne (of the BearClan)

Creating Vibrant Shamanic Drumming Circles.

Stories from the Moon Clan

Oracle Offerings
a slide show of images from the world map

a slide show of images showing our prayer flag ceremony at the world map

Oracle Activities
a slide show of images showing some global village activities

The ClanStones:
A photo of the different Clan Stone painted by Pirkko Miller

Shaman Shields
The Sacramento Shamanic Women's Circle offered the making of a "Shaman's Shield",here are some photos.

Images of Oracle
Photos by Joseph Woods

Images from Jan Calle

Images from Laurie Levon

Letter to the Shamanic Circles
a letter from Dan Jordinelli about the Oracle gathering.

4/29/00. Oracle Begins,
Our first night ceremony
By Albert Marsh

Jo Andersen

Poem from Kate
A poem from Kate Fitzpatrick (Ireland) who assisted in creating the World Map

from Maggi

from Amir

from Yael

Medicine Bundle Travels
about the desert medicine bundle by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

Spring At Oracle
from PirkkoBear

Oracle 2000 is past, but see how we organized it.

Join us at Oracle 2000
Oracle registration
on March 23, 2000
Village Offerings
on March 27, 2000
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Share a Ride
on February 28, 2000
Share a Need
on February 4, 2000

Oracle 2000

An International Gathering of Individuals and Circles
Walkers of the Shaman’s Path
Sharing the Oracle Experience with the Global Shamanic Community

Those of us gathering in Oracle came with the intention to offer of our gifts, our prayers, our blessings to the Village, the Desert, and on behalf of the World. The finest gift we could offer in these reflections from our Oracle experience would be to convey to everyone visiting these webpages, experiences and reflections that would inspire the heart, delight the spirit, and give honor to the Spirits that bless all of us on this path.

We will begin posting materials we receive from those at Oracle. Some will seem highly personal; we invite you to peer within that personal reflection for what resonates in your heart. Other postings will reflect on some of the essential aspects of shamanism, eg. "How can we tend the whole world" as well as our individual paths and Circles. We invite you to visit these webpages from time to time. We welcome any comments, questions. If something seems unclear to you in terms of what was occurring, please let us know. For example, we are mounting some slide shows. Eventually all material will have ‘informative’ comments with them. In one slide show, for example, you will see prayer sticks. We will be writing about the making of prayer sticks and how they were used in the world map we constructed and around which we did healing ceremony.

So, remember as we begin posting material we receive, this Oracle Village came together on behalf of the Whole. Our challenge on these pages is to speak to everyone on this path, and to tend the Whole. We will continue to post reflections from Oracle as materials are received in the weeks ahead.

To begin with reflections from Oracle, we are posting the letter that Dan Jordinelli, one of the TSC Council members, has sent to the shamanic Circles around the world who are listed on our Resource Page. Whether you are in Circle or an individual on this path, this letter will give you a glimpse as to how we began and unfolded.

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
On behalf of Tending Sacred Circles