An International Gathering
of individuals and circles,
Walkers of the Shaman's Path.
Creating a global shamanic village,
Weaving ceremony, healing,
Crafting, dance, and song
Offering prayers for the Web of Life
Within the Beauty of this Oracle Desert.
Listen, listen, to the Desert Calling
Walkers of the Way

Tending Sacred Circles is sponsoring an international shamanic gathering in Oracle, Arizona , April 5-9, 2000. We will come together to tend the earth, our communities and ourselves, awakening and exploring global shamanic community in the new millennium.

We gather with the intention of creating a village. A village in the Desert where a rich diversity of shamanic activities are offered and events spontaneously occur as Spirit(s) moves through and within us. A village joining together in ceremonies that lift up and pour out healing, prayers, and offerings to the World.

We invite you to join in creating, supporting, and tending this shamanic village in the Spring of 2000; birthing this village just as Earth is giving birth to new forms.

Shamanic Village: A Feast of Possibilities and Promise
With our opening ceremony the Spirits are called forth; we honor our relationship with the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars; each person gives voice to their name and the land from which they come. We invite the Spirits to bless, inform, and shape us as a village - a village vibrant with creative activity, spirit infused interest groups, and sacred ceremony.

Just as the Sun's dependable relationship to the Earth provides daily and seasonal cycles, our village will mirror this natural rhythm through a simple daily structure.

This simple structure will gently hold us together like a loosely woven web, fostering communication, relationship, and shared intention.

The feast of possibilities
In our journeys, we saw individuals and circles planning and offering activities, with various spaces and environs available for these activities. A shamanic village in full circle, spiraling off in eddies of smaller circles; an oasis of communion, of hearts sharing, of joy, play, dance and music; of time being alone, and time together, in deep reverence and wonder. We offer the following elements from our journeys to give you some idea of what might transpire:

The actual events of the village will unfold as Spirit moves through and directs us. People will participate as they feel called, offering their gifts to the larger community and joining others as they are moved.
We invite you into the planning of this gathering. Either individually or with your circle, journey to see how you might participate. What activities do you see yourself participating in, leading, organizing? What gifts do you have that will help us form a shamanic village of diverse beauty? Call or e-mail us with the information you receive from Spirit and we will post it on this web site.

About the Site

The gathering will take place at a YMCA camp, 6 miles outside of Oracle, Arizona. The grounds are surrounded by high desert and walking trails. We are gathering in April, the time when Spring usually arrives with its greening of mesquite, oak, and cholla, the flowering of lupine and daisy, and the red Cardinals punctuating the landscape with their songs.

Oracle is approximately an hour north of Tucson and 2 1/2 hours south of Phoenix. We will arrange for shuttle service from the Phoenix and Tucson airports for the opening and closing days (Information about shuttle costs and timing will be included in the registration packet). Approximate shuttle cost from Tucson airport is $14 round trip; from Phoenix airport, $42 round trip. There will be plenty of parking for those driving.

The bunk-bed cabins are rustic, sleeping six to ten. Bathrooms are located nearby each cabin area. Shower facilities are centrally located. Camping is permitted and those with camping gear may want to sleep under the stars.

The food will be good "scout basic" so those with special needs, may want to supplement their diets. Cold storage is available for your supplements. We will send out the 5 day menu in your registration packet. We encourage groups to respond creatively to meet individual and community needs. You might want to offer an evening popcorn party, a Starstruck's Coffee booth, or a healthy snacks giveaway.


Total cost for the five days is $235 per person.
This includes food and lodging but not travel. Initial response has been great and the facility requires that we limit the size of the gathering. A nonrefundable deposit of $100 will hold your space. The remaining $135 will be due by February 1st. The fee for anyone registering after Feb 1st will be $275.

For more information contact one of the following:
Lanz Lowen:
Lori Levine:
Carol Proudfoot-Edgar:

If you are interested in coming to Oracle 2000 click here for an application form you can print out, fill in, and submit with your deposit.

Please share copies of this announcement of Oracle with your circle and others you think might be interested. Try printing this web page while online on a color printer to get the pictures included.

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