From Kate Fitzpatrick (Ireland)
who assisted in creating the World Map

I am singing some of the songs we sang ..
As I sing I am remembering those moments that are in my soul forever
I am seeing so clearly each of your faces shining in the sun ,
shining with blessings, with love ...
with radiance that flows out in a river across the world..
Like a slow motion dance I am remembering it all...

The first etchings in the sand of the lines of each continent ..
The paper signs with each name ..
The sculpting of the land, the shapes of mountains,
The colours, the seas ..
The raking over and over to create peace.. calm .. sacred space ...
Crystals shining in the sun,
Walking their healing ways to the forgotten lands .
Ones of our village go and place objects ..
The prayer flags rippling in the breeze
Fragile blessings for a new world..
At night the candle lights flickering ..
The dark shapes of people around the edges ..
Songs of prayer ..
Spider woman weaving ..
Moon and stars shining ..
Great Bear Mother's true gift to us ..
As StarBear cubs walk the earth ..
Silent vigil as prayers continue through the night ..
Still shapes of continents holding majesty and power,
The morning's Bright sun and thankyou songs
White Buffalo Woman blesses and holds us
Sweet peace she breathes on the breeze
That carries outwards from our hearts..
The final raking that goes on forever ..
As each crumbled piece of earth finds its way into the sand..
Holding forever in these tiny crystals of the desert ..
Our songs our prayers ...
I see it all again .. and I am there.. rattling, rattling ..forever ..
Thankyou all for the gift of your shining faces .. the memory of sweet peace, the still clear voice of song and the gentleness with which we all remembered the world,

Love Kate