2nd International Gathering
April 3—7, 2002
Oracle: The Earth Speaks
In the Fall we will begin taking registrations over the Internet and have more specific detail regarding the gathering. Please contact us by email if you are interested, and return to this site from time to time.

Earth is Speaking—
“You are related in a Universe
Greater than you imagine”
Come to Circle in Oracle
Join with others on the Shaman’s path
Your Village is calling you Home.

Earth is Speaking—
"You are related in a Universe
Greater than you imagine"
Follow the trail to Oracle
Join with Spirits and other relations
Share of your blessings and pass on the medicine

Earth is speaking—
"You are related in a Universe
Greater than you imagine”
Listen to the Mystery— Stars Crossing the Sky
Become a Constellation on the Land
Connecting to the Whole
Later dispersing like shooting stars
Listen to the Desert Wind, carrying the words Earth is Speaking

Shamanic Circles is sponsoring its second international gathering in Oracle, Arizona, April 3—7, 2002. This event is open to individuals and circles seeking to create shamanic community. As with our first gathering in Spring 2000, we will focus on tending the earth, sponsoring a variety of shamanic experiences, and facilitate the networking of people in the global shamanic community.

We continue to learn more about creating a shamanic village in which events unfold as participants bring forth their gifts on behalf of the larger community, e.g. crafting, story telling, healing activities, flute playing, songs and drumming from various tribal traditions. We begin our day greeting the Sun and close our day with collective ceremony.

Those wishing to know more about what possibilities exist for creating our village, can visit the Oracle pages at our web site: www.shamaniccircles.org. These pages depict the village of 2000. What we create together in 2002 builds upon this tradition and yet is a new village, with new possibilities still to be known. We will use our web site as a major source of making plans and connecting with all those participating in Oracle 2002.

Total cost is $300 (includes food and lodging but not travel) per person for the five days. If you are interested in participating and/or helping create this community-based event, contact Lori Levine.

Lori Levine
E-mail: LEagleBear@aol.com