Re: Shamanic Circles, Application for Application for Program Scholarship

Dear Council:

I, ___________________________________(your name),
from ___________________________(city, country)
am applying to Shamanic Circles for a program scholarship in the amount of US$_______
to attend ___________________ (title of event or activity for which funds are being requested)
in ______________ (city and state)
on ___________________ (dates)
sponsored by _____________________ (name of sponsor and name of teacher or retreat leader if different from sponsor).

Statement of financial need:
(choose one or make your own statement)

• It would be a financial hardship for me to pay the costs of attending this event.

• I am unable to afford the costs of attending this event.


Use of funds:
If awarded a scholarship, the funds awarded will be used solely to pay my costs of US$______.

Shamanic background: (include as many as apply)

• I have completed the following shamanic retreats/courses/activities (give the date, place, duration, sponsor, and teacher or leader):

• I participate in a shamanic drumming circle that meets _________ (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

• I have engaged in shamanic practices for _______ (period of time).

Commitment: I will use the knowledge and experience gained in attending this event to further my own shamanic knowledge and training and to further the teaching and understanding of shamanism and shamanic practices. I understand that Tending Sacred Circles provides scholarships to persons to attend shamanic gatherings for the express purpose of sharing their experience with others and promoting shamanic circles throughout the world. My plans for sharing my knowledge when I return are: (please share your intentions in whatever ways are appropriate to your situation)

Thank you for your consideration. (your signature)