Oracle Sharings from Janice Young

Finally, I am sending, for posting on the website, if you like, my two clan poems - one from Oracle 2000 and the second from Oracle 2002. Enclosed in the postal package are photographs to accompany both poems - 5 photos (numbered 1-5 as the sequence unfolds) of the Turtle Clan performing at Oracle 2000 and miscellaneous photos from Oracle 2002 as labeled on the back of the pics.


Turtle Clan

I’m a happy turtle
Happy as can be
No where to go
I’m already there.

Verse from the Turtle Clan’s performance piece on the final night of Oracle 2000.



Air connects us
carries sound
carries the word
carries the drum

Air encircles us
holds us
embraces all of us

Air cleanses
cleanses with strong winds

Air carries us
with invisible ways
makes us rise up to
see from above

Air soars
helps us fly

Air gives us life
the breath of life

Air spoke to us
listen to the whispers
hear the messages.....
please help me!

Air Clan prayer from the final evening ceremony at Oracle 2002.

Blessings and good wishes to all,
Janice Young, Thetis Island, BC, Canada

Fire Clan Members with Fire Clan Prayer Stick

The Airport Clan

We met at the Tucson Airport and then shared a cabin During Oracle 20002

Pat, Suzanne, Jen, and Janice