Drummin on the Mountain

September 6th, 7th, and 8th

Guest Drummers include Kirk McClaren William Whitten Daveed Korup

Drum circles, Drumming workshops, Children’s drumming workshops. Amulet making workshop as well as more workshops and activites TBA. Drummin On The Mountain is a multi-cultural drumming festival held near Charlottsville Virginia. Held at the Misty Mountain Camp resort. You can call (888)Misty00 to reserve your camping spot early. $20 per night, per site, up to 4 people per site. http://mistycamp.com

Membership Information

Prereg till August 1st 2002 $25.00 for Adults After August 1st 2002 $35.00 for Adults Pre reg till August 1st Children under 12 $10.00 After August 1st Children up to age 12 $20.00 Children age 6 and under are free

Programming We are hoping to offer a list of programming during Drummin On The Mountain for our little drummers. Please check back often as we start to compile the activities list. It is our hope that each night the children will be able to take what they have learned in the days workshops and start the drum circle. One of our primary focuses for this event is to instill in the children a love for drumming. By sharing our knowledge and passion with them we can grow closer with the children and learn to grow together. Please look on our website for links to information about more of our scheduled programming. We are still looking for people to help with programming. If you are interested please let us know. Programming areas needed are drum repair, heading, and tuning. Native American, and Middl eastern drumming techniques, celtic drumming techniques, kodo drumming, etc. If you have any ideas for programming please let us know.

Contact information: drumminonthemountain@hotmail.com
Website address http://fly.to/DrumMountain