All Night Earth Renewal Dance

a poem by Pirkko Miller

In silence we weaved our way to the Dancing Ground,
as the Kokopelli flutes led the way
to renew the Earth to honor the Ancient Ones
whose bones lie on this land
bleached white by the desert sun.
The sacred fire was lit
and joined with a fire from long ago.
Mother Drum danced us
as the sky darkened
and the stars came out
one by one.
The Great Bear Mother in the sky
with her cub and Seven Sisters
walked along the sky vault
all night
watching these dancing beings
made of clay and water
and spirit
and star stuff,
so said Mr.Carl Sagan,
who may have been watching too.

Tibetan bowls, large gong,
small drums, rattles, dancing bells, flutes and our voices
joined the Mother Drum.
Then came silence.
From the distant past
came the sound of an Irish fiddle
and I was transported to an ancient village across the sea:
Where the children were chasing one another
around the fire
and I joined in.

The dancing figures shape shifted
to animals
then to people
then to one large snake
whose scales shimmered in rainbow colors by the fire.
I felt the eyes of the Ancient Ones
all around me

What are we about
Why have we come here:
To renew the Earth
with our sacrifice.
To be healed.

I walk the maze
never ending.
My Sister, whom I meet passing by,
How many times are you going around?
I tell her that this is my first time
but I don't seem to find my way out.
Around and around I go,
the center is not easy to reach
and I think that I will never find my way home.

I look longingly at my sleeping bag
A short nap would be nice.
Ahhhh... I put my head down when my Brother
asks me to join him to play the Tibetan Bowl.
Can I play it here, in my sleeping bag, I ask.
He does not answer, I see his gentle eyes, his feverish face.
He has been sick all week and yet goes on and on.
So where is my sacrifice.
And I am wide awake again
Thanking Spirit for this teaching.
I thank Spirit for this night.

Pirkko Miller