The Web that Holds The Whole

needs strengthening

March 26, 2002

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Shalom Dear Friends !

The Web that Holds the Whole Needs Strengthening

April 21, 2002

Shalom Dear Friends !

Today is Equinox, the first day of spring!!!

After many sunny days and blue sky, today we have in Israel heavy rain and
winds are whirling and whistling&Mac183; And as outside so inside &Mac183;while the sky is
gray and weeping with drops of rain, I am walking with deep sorrow and tears
in my eyes and soul. During the last weeks so much terrors and violence are
here &Mac183; we are counting our dead everyday&Mac183;soldiers and civil people, old and
young, men, women, children and even babies. Yesterday another terrorist
suicide bomber in a bus &Mac183;more dead, more wounded people, more blood, more
tears &Mac183; And I have in my heart a line from a poem I have studied in high
school, many years ago: ‰Too many dead, not much earth to

cover them all&Mac183;‰ I am thinking about the Web of Life and I can feel its
strands here in the Middle East&Mac183;the strands here are weak, torn and not
connected &Mac183; And I have

in my heart the words of Fools Crow:

„&Mac183;Basic to this is the Native American understanding that humankind is not

superior to the rest of creation and has no inalienable or God-given right

to dominate or abuse it. Instead, we are only one part of a giant web whose

assemblage of strands, with its strands working cooperatively together, is

what accounts for its overall strength. In this respect, each strand is

responsible to and for the rest. When we fail to carry our share of the load

or when we abuse or destroy another part, it injures, sometimes

irretrievably, all the others, and often unbalance life in totally

unexpected ways.‰

Fools Crow

Wisdom and Power

I am thinking about Oracle 2002 and about „The Web that Holds the Whole Needs
Strengthening‰&Mac183;and it brought me back two years ago to Oracle 2000 and to a
wonderful story I heard from Karen Kelly :

„Among the Nootka people of the North West cost of Canada there is a story

of how when the world began to fall apart Spider Woman wove a giant web to

hold it together which touched everything and she anchored that web

on the tallest tree in the world‰.

Karen Kelly

Oracle offering 2000

Oh, Spider Woman, Grandmother Weaver, who is the Mother Earth Weaver, who

holds the magic silver ball in her hands, help us to weave a peaceful world

for our future and for the children of the world &Mac183;

We awoke up this morning to a rainy day ,and I feel as if the sky are
weeping &Mac183; And there is no even a single ray of sun&Mac183;

We awoke up this morning after another awful day ,another terrorist suicide
bomber in a bus&Mac183;(Carol, you have been with me on this road while we came back
from Galilee), seven people were killed ,twenty people wounded&Mac183;and again
photos with black frames in the newspapers&Mac183;more sorrow ,more pain, more tears

And while thinking about Equinox&Mac183; the equal hours of light and darkness&Mac183;the
day of opposites&Mac183;,the light and the darkness, the peace and the war &Mac183;Spirit
showed me a powerful synchronicity &Mac183;

While preparing the Equinox ceremony to our drumming circle tonight, I have
found in my papers the speech of Dr Martin Luther King which I feel to read

„Darkness cannot drive out darkness; Only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; Only love can do that.

Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence,

and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction&Mac183;

The chain reaction of evil-hate begetting hate,

Wars producing more wars-must be broken,

Or we shall be plunged into a darkness of annihilation.‰

Dr Martin Luther King

Karen, with your inspiration about Spider Woman I am planning to bring a
wool- ball and to weave a web that will connect all of us together in the
drumming circle tonight. Usually I am making such a web in my workshops in
the first session, when people come for the first time. while making th web
people begin to know each others, to open themselves and to feel together as
a circle and not as an individuals.

Tonight we need Spider Woman in our circle, to help us weaving a magic
web that will connect us all... This is the time we need to be together
&Mac183;this is the time we need to repair the broken web&Mac183;this is the time give
strength to the weakest strand &Mac183;

Like the delicate web, which is a piece of art ,we need to weave the peace
process here in the Middle East.

And I feel and know that in our circle tonight we&Mac226;ll not be alone , all of
you will be with us in the giant web that connect us all.


I already have finished my email &Mac183;It is almost half past four, the music has
stopped in the radio and there are news &Mac183; another terrorist suicide bomber
this time in the center of Jerusalem, three people were killed and sixty were

At night when I came back home from the circle, Eli told me that two of the
three are young couple, the woman was pregnant who went to an ultrasound
checking, while they walked back home with happy news in their hearts they
were killed and left two little girls of the age of 3 and 7 years old who
will never see their parents again&Mac183;

What a sad day&Mac183;the sky are still gray and there is no even one ray of light
&Mac183;But I have the feeling in me to bring some light to our circle tonight in
the Equinox Ceremony.

I am thinking of a story I heard once from Ilana (some of you know her), the

story about the Firefly or Glowfly (I am not sure how you call them), it came
to my heart just now and I am going to tell it tonight.(sorry for my

„The evil spirit wanted to extinguish all the lights in the world&Mac183;so she blew
and blew and some lights were extinguished&Mac183;then she blew very strongly in all
the corners of the world and all the lights were extinguished&Mac183;The evil
spirit flied up and from her place she looked at the cold and dark world with
much satisfaction &Mac183;

But ohhhhhhh while she looked down to the world she saw some small lights.
Angrily she went down to check these lights. When she came to the places
where the small lights were she saw Glowflies. The evil spirit asked them:‰
how did you keep your light while I was blowing so strongly‰. And the
Glowflies answered :‰our light is an inner light, and this light you can&Mac226;t
extinguish „.

Till yesterday I did not know for sure if this is the right thing for me to
fly abroad while so much terrors and violence are here, part of my heart is
here with my family and with Israel and part of me is with all of you in
Oracle. Yesterday when our son Dror came from the army for a weekend, we sat
all the family together, and with bright eyes and warm hearts my husband and
my two children told me I have to go, just to breath for a while&Mac183; So tomorrow
I&Mac226;ll go and take my tickets from the travel agent and soon we&Mac226;ll be together.
Now I feel and know that my inner light needs to be recharged by all of you
and by Oracle.

Love you all

Ziva Garbi

Dearest Ziva,
I am going to have Bob post your letter at the Oracle page on the is
a beautiful letter and grounds us too in the realities of your world
there....and the web that is torn in Israel, as you know, means the web is
torn elsewhere for whatever effects the web in one place, affects the entire

Rest assured that Israel herself and all the people there...and you..and our
other sisters, Lenore, Ruth, and Illana..are remembered in our Circles when
we gather for ..and remembered in our prayers daily......and remembered in
all the walking and spaces in beween...

And we shall see you soon at Oracle...and yes, we shall try to weave a web at
Oracle that strenghtens the web everywhere...and strenghtens us all as
Weavers of the Web...what SpiderWoman did is what we must now do
ourselves...just as we must be WhiteBuffaloWoman ourselves........all that we
assigned to 'others' in our stories, now we must assign to ourselves......

During the few months after Oracle in 2000 I was shown pictures of a golden web over this land of Ireland–healed and intact and was asked to become aware of the need for us here to connect to this golden light and ‘draw it down’ into the land to support the continued process of healing and creating peace. During this time I could hear singing in the air in the North of Ireland that seemed to come from our songs at the World Healing Ceremony that we did at Oracle.

The theme of "The Web of Life–Torn or Whole?" for this year’s gathering at Oracle resonated with me–In recent months I am aware that this golden web I see over North Ireland is a separate piece–not yet connected to the south of Ireland and not to other lands and not yet to the whole web. I was curious to know what pictures might be shown to me now, almost two years on and so I journeyed to ask what would make the Web whole?

I am shown pictures of the web in different pieces–a golden web with people holding edges and stretching out beyond their own lands to meet people of other lands. All of the people are smiling as they meet and begin to weave together.–together the web pieces become bigger and bigger–and carried by people it is stretching across continents and moving out across the oceans.

I look upwards and I see other Beings above–sending golden light down to all of the people to help weave the webs. I am knowing it is the power of ‘golden love’ that will do the healing and that in these meetings it is the love and respect of the people towards each other that is the way to weave the separate pieces together. As the weaving is taking place I hear a lot of beautiful music.

I look downwards and I see Serpent coiled in the middle of a big continent that looks like Africa. I see a golden thread coming out of her mouth and know she is transmuting poison and is spinning this thread. People are taking this thread and weaving a web from it across the land. I see gaps and torn web in many countries–and no presence to heal or spin. No one actively gathering a golden thread. And knowing that even a single prayer and a song is enough to do this. I am shown that all three levels of mending the Web are important–spinning a golden thread from transmuting the poison -people helping to weave webs across their lands and meeting across countries and continent and calling on the presence of Beings of light in other realms who can help us to hold this place of ‘golden love’.

My lasting impression of Oracle 2000 were the songs that carried long into the night. At that time I saw the Web healed and whole. I see the place to pick up the thread from that time.

I am very inspired with the themes for Oracle this year. I see the healed parts of the Web shimmering and alive–and the Spirits who tend this are calling us to keep on this journey of faith in these times of incredible testing and challenge. I give thanks for all that has already been given that keeps alive in my heart the dream of world peace and I look forward to being in Oracle again tending with the desert spirits and hearing again the music and the song of many joined in love.

Kate Fitzpatrick
Co. Donegal, Ireland

Up past the sky there is a Bear. She is so large that no matter where you are below she can be seen. She is holding a skein of silver thread, but it looks like she is praying.

She whispers, "Weave" There are tears that need darning, entire areas that need closing. It does not matter if you do not know how to spin or sew. Just begin and your hands will show the way.

Weave in your daily life, small acts of repair or creation, and knowledge on repairing the Web will grow. Be inspired by weavers long gone. Like the prisoners at Terazin who risked their lives to make small gifts for each other from materials they took from their labor camps, who late at night created theater, music and dance. Who is to say this was not the reason for the end of the War?

I cannot rest, the cries for help come in my dreams and wake me. Take this thread and begin, singing as you work. Tell stories, share your wisdom, pray. Spin with intention, focus, ceremony and above all joy. I have envisioned a guild of weavers across the world, connecting and healing the gaps interfering with wholeness. I am asking for your help.
She is there for us all, just reach up and embark on a journey for peace.

——-Lori Levine

(Picture by Ann Maier)

Dear Carol:
In my journeys I have seen a net made up of filaments of light or energy. At each junction of the filaments there is a jewel or crystal. These jewels or crystals glow and reflect the light of all the other jewels. The net encircles the earth and our atmosphere. Now there are parts of this net that is in disrepair, some of the jewels are dark, tarnished and some of the filaments unraveled and in tatters. In my journeys I have seen that singing, particularly at sunrise and sunset gives energy and helps to repair the net.

Ann Maier Tucson, Arizona

Dear Carol,
I was happily surprised to learn that some of my journeys coincided with yours. Now that I have limited access to the cyber world again, I stopped by the Shamanic Circles website. Wow, it looks great. What caught my eye was on the Oracle 2002 pages. The theme on the web that holds the whole. For months the spiderweb has been coming into my head at odd times.

Background: Years ago, I made a personal shield. It was a spiderweb that held the world. Around it I had wolf fur, feathers, crystals, etc. Once night I decided that it didn't represent my spirit vision anymore and I started planning on how to disassemble it and re-create it. So I started to gather different things that I felt would help make the new web more like what I see in my head. (Heaven knows, I'm no artist or a craft person.) I expect this process to be more than just that of making a shield, it has already been teaching me some lessons.

When I took the shield apart, what I thought was black felt, was black suede. After the threads, crystals, lichen, etc., were removed, I started removing the old glue. It just peeled off -- no ripping as I expected. Then I decided to wash the leather. When the leather was dried, a humurous thought went through my head. I am just like that old hide. Basically sound and durable it just needs revamping to be more of what I want to visually see and to represent. (me becoming). The next plan for this shield is to decide the type or shape of the web. It was a spiral web but now that shape doesn't feel right anymore. The more traditional uniform web doesn't fit either.

What I keep seeing (unclearly) is something more like a suncatcher (dreamcatcher with something in the middle) but more abstract. I brought stronger thread and want to sew it into the leather instead of letting it float around, like I had it. Then I can hang stuff from the web itself and not just on the edges of the shield.

The spider's silk is strong and light and this is my hope for this new world.To be stronger and lighter.