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The Children's Circle

Oracle 2002

Gourd Rattle-Making

Join me in creating a connection back to Mother Earth, by creating a mini gourd rattle. I will share with you the story of Ekim and Naro and the importance of the rattles and drums and the beating of our mothers heart. We will be using mini gourds, leather, cord, yarn, beads, feathers, bells, shells, animal tatoos, crystals and anything that you wish to bring that symbolizes your animal totems. I will also have silver and gold metal wire if you wish to wrap a special crystal. Supplies are between $7.00 and $10.00.

Although this workshop is primarily intended for children, adults are welcome to participate. If you have any questions please feel free to email me and ask.

Che an na’te… May you always radiate pure love…
Sposashe/Clardon E-mail to:


I am only thankful for my LIFE
It holds darkness, light, adventures,
Mysteries and so much more.

It holds happy times and sad times.
So I come to you with only my bare hands
To celebrate
the cherished word 'LIFE'

By Nadine Heath
on the eve of her 8th birthday
December 24 2001

This year we are inviting the children to our village at Oracle. As there is no child-care, as such, provided, parent(s) are responsible for care of their child/children twenty four hours a day. Drumming, rattling, dance, art and story telling would be welcomed by the children of our Village at oracle 2002.

This is the page where we will post the offerings of children's workshops. If you wish to offer a workshop, send a short description of it to Ziva Garbi at:

This picture was created by Rachel, age 9.

Guided Imagery for Children

Patricia Miller-Zabrodsky will guide the children on a magical journey to an enchanted land. She will use her voice and a soft drum beat. The children will then share their experiences.

A prayer tree in Holland with Domonique and Isabelle.

Looking for your Power Animal

In this workshop the children will journey, from their favorite spot in nature, to forests, meadows, valleys, mountains, lakes, rivers and oceans in search of their Power Animal(s) Each child will then 'dance' their Power Animal. Pirkko Miller will facilitate this workshop.

The image is from Patrick's shamanic journey
Patrick ( age 11) is part of a Drum Circle, in Indiana